Words of Encouragement

Speaker Bio

 Jeff & Cyndi 

den Otter



When describing this speaker couple, the term opposites attract is the first thing that comes to mind.  Jeff is from Ontario, Canada and Cyndi was born and raised in  New Brunswick, Canada.  They live in the beautiful Saint John River Valley.  Jeff loves to read and is fairly reserved. Cyndi wants to be where the action is and is reserved when she is sleeping.

They love to speak together as a couple and through the years have spoken on many topics including marriage, parenting, and spiritual development.  Jeff and Cyndi have been involved with Family Life Canada and did a term as speakers for the parenting sessions called “Legacy.”   Cyndi uses lively drama sketches, monologues, and comedy sketches, a mix of humour and truth that gets the message across simply and clearly.  Jeff adds his wisdom drawn from many years of experience in early childhood services.  They believe that marriage and family is serious business and stand alongside other Dads and Moms in this wonderful and challenging journey. They share practical tools based on the principles God gives us but also long to let couples and parents know that God is ever loving, ever present, and always has His ear tuned in to our needs as a family.

Jeff and Cyndi are active in their church and share a passion and calling for marriage and families, as well as mentoring and encouraging you in your faith journey.  They have taught adult Sunday School electives and lead Small Group Bible Studies in their home, encouraging people to develop closer relationships with each other and with God.  Jeff is an elder in his church and enjoys leading with the church worship team. Cyndi has logged more than 35 years in her church children’s ministry.  Together they have had opportunities to go on mission trips with their children to New York City.   For the past 16 years they have concentrated much of their time to Jeff’s counseling ministry.  For the past 5 years they have traveled to Belize to speak and serve in their calling in marriage and family.


Jeff works as an Advisor for the Early Childhood Services and Autism for the Province of New Brunswick.  He has taught Educational Psych courses part time at the University of New Brunswick and works part time in church counselling centres in Fredericton and Woodstock.  Cyndi has spent over 38 years working in busy Family Medical Practices.

Jeff and Cyndi have four grown children. Aneke is a teacher and her husband Tim is an ordained pastor working as Assistant Director at a Bible Camp. They have two adorable little girls.  Rianna is a professional pet groomer and enjoys photography.  Rianna and Jeb have a large Dairy farm. They have been blessed with a little boy and girl.   Lieneke completed her Bachelor of Education but also enjoyed her time as an actress.  Her husband Keillor is a doctor in Internal Medicine.  They have a sweet little boy and girl.  Arjen, the only boy in this crew, completed university and works at the Learning Bar in Fredericton where he is an Account Success Manager in Educational Improvement.  He is married to Rebecca who is a nurse.

They love cottage life and spend summer vacations by the water kayaking, swimming, jet skiing, and enjoying coffee time with friends by the camp fire.

They would love to get to know you better as they share their common goal in Kingdom Building!  They have a passion for encouraging you every step of the way.  How can they encourage you today?

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