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Cyndi den OtterSatan delights in your despair

He tells you lies – like nobody cares

        He says there’s nothing  you can do

        I’ll tell you now that it’s not true


When depression descends like a cloud

And cloaks your joy with its icy shroud

We many not completely understand

But we can reach out and hold your hand


When your job is gone and bills are due

And you’re feeling like a failure too

We may not know just what to say

But be assured that we will pray


So you messed up big and feel ashamed

You don’t want to show your face again

And we may not know what to do

But we are here to stand by you


When tragedy  and loss hits your home

And your whole world comes crashing down

We may not know just what to do

But we are here to grieve with you


So your spouse is gone, your marriage done

And you carry on not two but one

And when we don’t know what to do

Then we will stay and cry with you


Come out of hiding when trouble comes

Exile is a trick from the evil one

Even if we don’t know what to do

Be sure to know that we love  you


Copyright 2015 November 9 Cyndi den Otter – All Rights Reserved May be used with author’s permission