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I have struggled with sharing this story.  It is not an easy story to share as it is about a death in our extended family.  Recording events like weddings and births and family gatherings that have sweet memories is easy.  The words flow off the end of my fingers into type effortlessly in those cases.  Recording the events of the tragic death of my brother-in-law is excruciating.  The media was all over the story and my sister-in-law had to go into hospital for the birth of her child under a false name so she could have privacy.  My children who were very small at the time were understandably anxious.  If their cousins could lose their dad could they?  Everything they knew to be safe and secure was no longer a sure thing.  Their questions were endless and we were helpless to answer them.  We finally decided to have them express their feelings and tell his story in pictures.  I gathered the pictures up and put them into a little book.  The book has remained in a brown envelope in the bottom of a drawer for many years.  It is time to share.  It may benefit someone else because I know from my work and speaking with many of you that it is your story too.UNCLE JASON Jason 2 Jason 3 Jason 4   UNCLE JASONUNCLE JASONUNCLE JASONUNCLE JASONUNCLE JASONJason 10UNCLE JASONUNCLE JASONUNCLE JASONUNCLE JASONUNCLE JASON

One thing to think about is that there are at least two families shattered when this happens, the family of the ones who died and the family of the driver.  There are no easy answers here.  Only God can heal these impossible circumstances.  Do you have a similar story?  If you have lost a loved one or someone close to you, feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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