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10-11 So he got up and went to Zarephath. As he came to the entrance of the village he met a woman, a widow, gathering firewood. He asked her, “Please, would you bring me a little water in a jug? I need a drink.” As she went to get it, he called out, “And while you’re at it, would you bring me something to eat?”

12 She said, “I swear, as surely as your God lives, I don’t have so much as a biscuit. I have a handful of flour in a jar and a little oil in a bottle; you found me scratching together just enough firewood to make a last meal for my son and me. After we eat it, we’ll die.”

13-14 Elijah said to her, “Don’t worry about a thing. Go ahead and do what you’ve said. But first make a small biscuit for me and bring it back here. Then go ahead and make a meal from what’s left for you and your son. This is the word of the God of Israel: ‘The jar of flour will not run out and the bottle of oil will not become empty before God sends rain on the land and ends this drought.’” 1 Kings 17: 10-16.

Okay, what would you have done if you were starving and this stranger shows up at your door and wants to be fed?  I’m thinking I would have told him to get lost.  I am a mama and I think if I were just about out of food I would feed my child before I would give the last of my food to some complete stranger at the door saying very odd things.  But then again maybe she thought “what have I got to lose?  It’s over anyway.”  Thankfully she summoned up her last bit of courage and trusted.  What an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and joy she must have felt when she discovered the miracle of a never empty food supply provided by God himself in a time of famine and drought.

I have the blessings of a full pantry.  I forget many times how God provides.  However, in spite of that, I often experience famine and drought.  There have been so many times in my life when my faith lagged and I did not know how I was going to get through the next week or even the next day for that matter.  I am a planner.  I like to have all of my ducks in a row.  I like to know what is on the calendar way ahead of time and when I don’t have control over that, I can feel the anxiety creeping in.  I am slowly learning to rely on God one day at a time.  I have learned the most and experienced the greatest joy when I have totally relied on His provision in every area of my life.  He never lets me see too far ahead.  He knows that I am a control freak and would stock pile the oil if I had a chance … under my bed … and in my cupboards. However, when I give each day to Him and ask Him to provide for my needs for that day, I experience peace.   In times of extreme drought when my energy was depleted and my mind cluttered with everyday concerns God came through with just enough.

Is just enough good enough?

Do you trust Him to supply what you need for tomorrow?

Do you believe that God will come through for you?

It is a learning curve but I know it to be true.   I too have felt the joy of receiving just enough oil for one day from the One who has an inexhaustible supply.  God proves faithful.  He is good, all the time.  What do you need to trust God for today?

15-16 And she went right off and did it, did just as Elijah asked. And it turned out as he said—daily food for her and her family. The jar of meal didn’t run out and the bottle of oil didn’t become empty: God’s promise fulfilled to the letter, exactly as Elijah had delivered it!

By Cyndi den Otter (C)

October 12, 2012

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