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Earlier this week my Mother celebrated her 80th birthday.  Our family is throwing her a big party this Sunday to celebrate her 80 years.  My mother is quiet and sweet and thoughtful. However, her quick wit and dry humour has brought us to laughing hysterics when she comes out with an unexpected quip.
As her four children have grown and married and have children of our own, my mother saw to it that we all gathered for birthdays and celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter together.  In the summer we often gather on Sunday evenings at her cottage for pot luck.  I treasure those times.  They hold some of the sweetest and best memories of my life.  I cherish her life and love her so.  I want to share a poem that she wrote in the early 1970’s which has a lot of wisdom in it.  It tells us that it was very busy back then as well, and things have not changed.  My mother loves her Saviour and is a prayer warrior.  I bet she has prayed for you!  Listen to her words and answer the question she asks at the end.  How you answer is very important.


The sun breaks through a pearly dawn

And children wake up with a yawn

A bright new day begins to spawn

In the morning


Mountains shimmer with peaks of snow

The valley dew kissed far below

With sleep dimmed eyes we miss the show

In the morning


The sun climbs high to warm the scene

But we’ve begun the day’s routine

The beauty here remains unseen

In the morning


Cities are filled with many feet

Scurrying through the bustling streets

No time to even stop and meet

In the morning


Your friends still waiting for a call

No time for friendship here at all

Far too busy to hear their call

In the morning


Somewhere along that busy street

There is the One we have to meet

What will we say to His entreat

In the morning


How will we spend our time – He knows

And as our days draw to a close

Will we on Heaven’s shore repose?

In the morning


By Avis Burpee (C)

Copyright 2012 September 27 Cyndi den Otter – All Rights Reserved May be used with author’s permission