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I can be down on myself, really down.  Does everyone do this or is it a woman thing, a peri-menopausal thing, or is it just me?  What stops me from seeing myself the way God sees me?  I can’t meet the world’s standard of perfection – no wrinkles, perfect bodies, money in the bank, a fancy car, white picket fences, and no grace extended for being middle age or even average.  I can’t measure up.  I see myself according to the world’s standards.  The enemy of my soul loves this.  The more of the world’s lies that I believe the happier he is.

So why do we allow this?  Sometimes I think it is just easier to swallow those lies than to believe that we are a child of God and that the King of Kings is our father.  Radical isn’t it!  Jesus shed His blood to make us whole and perfect and He sees us this way.  Wrap your mind around that!

Last year my husband and I taught a class together and we called it “The Truth About the Lies.”  We confronted many of the lies that Satan would have us believe.  There were tears and debates but we came to consensus on this important fact, Satan is a LIAR! 

One day I playfully had the class sing this song with me that I learned as a child.  Although there are many versions of this song, this is the one I learned on the playgrounds of Carleton County.

Nobody likes me
Everybody hates me
Guess I’ll eat some worms
Big fat juicy ones
Long slim slimy ones
Itsy bitsy fuzzy wuzzy worms

Down goes the first one
Down goes the second one
Down goes the third little worm
Big fat juicy ones
Long slim slimy ones
Itsy bitsy fuzzy wuzzy worms

Up comes the first one
Up comes the second one
Up comes the third little worm
Big fat juicy ones
Long slim slimy ones
Itsy bitsy fuzzy wuzzy worms

(There were heated arguments over whether the third worm should come up first due to the order they went down but this debate remains unresolved).

(Now this is where the theology comes in, Cyndi’s version:)

Satan doesn’t like me
Satan really hates me
Guess I’ll eat some lies
Big fat juicy lies
Long slim slimy lies
Itsy bitsy Satan filled lies

Down goes the first lie
Down goes the second lie
Down goes the third little lie
Big fat juicy lies
Long slim slimy lies
Itsy bitsy harmful little lies

(Now how did we allow that to happen ?! This is my solution:)

Up comes the first lie
Up comes the second lie
Up comes the third little lie
Big fat juicy lies
Long slim slimy lies
Itsy bitsy toxic little lies

Don’t swallow the lies.  Know who you are in Christ!  You are God’s masterpiece.  You are a child of the King, free and forgiven, whole and complete, a friend of God, and loved beyond all human comprehension.                           Now ain’t that the TRUTH !!

John 1:12  Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God.

By Cyndi den Otter

Copyright 2011 May 20 Cyndi den Otter – All Rights Reserved May be used with author’s permission


I am annoyed.  No, actually I’m really ticked.  Nothing lasts anymore.  Everything breaks, just slightly after the warranty.  You can’t get spare parts for anything.  Everything is temporary, meant to be thrown away, non repairable, discarded.  What is with that?  We just replaced our coffee pot for the bazillionth time at work.  By the way, if you break the carafe, too bad. You cannot use one of the dozen in storage left over from the broken coffee pots because they are just “slightly” different.  The good news is the microwave can be repaired.  The bad news is the new part exceeds the replacement cost of a new one.  We just tenderly laid to rest our decades old dryer.  My faithful friend saw me through mountains of diapers, grass stains, and vomit.  Well done thou good and faithful servant.  The salesman gently warned us though, that we would barely be on a first name basis with our new dryer before we would have to lay it to rest.  We are a family that takes our carbon imprint seriously. My husband has fixed the unfixable when it comes to broken things.  He delicately dissected my very special, expensive, long awaited hands free mixer with confidence, and then discovered that the plastic gears, yes plastic, were ground into bits.  So my friends, after my long rant, what hope can I give you – zippo, for broken objects that is.  The world is broken; broken marriages and families, broken hearts, relationships, and bodies, war, famine, terrorism, loneliness, hatred, racism.  Who can survive this? What a mess!  I am depressing myself.  What hope can I give you?  None my little cyberspace friends, but I can introduce you to the giver of hope, the one who can fix all things broken, and the repair lasts for eternity. 

Jesus looked at this broken mess and stepped down from His place beside His father in heaven and entered the stench of this world.  He lived as a man even though He is God.  He knows exactly what it feels like to be us.  He loved and cried, felt hunger and pain, and then suffered on the cross for crimes He did not commit for broken people like us, because He loved us so much. THIS IS AN UNFATHOMABLE LOVE!

We are sinners, even when we try our very best.  We cannot pay the debt for our own sin.
Jesus was perfect and sinless yet He took our punishment for us! We have to admit we are sinners and accept this pardon and the gift of eternal life that He offers us.
Romans 3:10   As it is written: “There is no one righteous, not even one.”

We need to believe in Jesus.  Believe He died, was buried, and that He rose again.  Believe that He paid for our sin on the cross and that our debt is cancelled.  Believe His great love for us and that we have eternal life in Him.  Believe that He loved a sinner like me enough to die for me.  Wow this is mind boggling!
John 3:16  For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Confess your sins and ask Jesus to be the Lord of your life.  If we choose to do this our sins are forgiven and we can spend eternity with Him.
Romans 10:9   If you declare with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

This is the thing; no one is a discard or a throw away with Jesus.  There are no people who are hopeless or one day past warranty.  All are welcome no matter what state we are in, even if our gears are ground to bits.  He stands with His arms wide open to scoop all of our broken parts and make us whole.  There is nothing temporary with this offer.  He offers to fix the unfixable with a free extended warranty, no returns necessary, it will not wear, tear, rip, slip, sag, or bag, 100 % guaranteed, AND THIS OFFER IS GOOD FOR ALL ETERNITY!! 

I’m in!!

John 10:28   I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand.

Copyright 2011 May 3 Cyndi den Otter – All Rights Reserved May be used with author’s permission